What to Expect From an Angry Ex During Your Divorce

Most divorce experts would agree that further alienating your soon to be former spouse is the last thing you would want during a divorce, but that doesn’t mean that you can be prepared for what your angry ‘ex’ may do.

Divorce can bring out the ugliest traits from anyone, even you. You have to recognize this as a fact. You have to be prepared to handle your emotions to prevent any more bad feelings between you and your ex from developing because that can certainly make your divorce a more complicated and expensive process. You can do this by choosing to arm yourself with knowledge about how your angry spouse may act so that you can be emotionally and mentally prepared to push through with the divorce process. Thankfully, we’ve listed how most angry spouse behave during a divorce below!

Back Out of Verbal Agreements

Some people simply agree on something to make something go away for a day and so they feel that it is okay for them to not respect any verbal agreements as though it is nothing. As soon as something is agreed upon during your divorce, make sure that it is recorded and that it is properly legally documented. This way, you save yourself from headaches and further heartaches from your ex.

Abuse Your Children or You

Because of how emotionally charged a divorce is, your spouse may take frustrations out on your children or you.  You have to know how to get to safety when this happens and be prepared to get a restraining order if needed be.

Accuse You of Abuse

Some exes will try to make their ex-partners’ life a nightmare by flinging accusations of abuse and other vile things. The last thing you will want authorities to see is you getting angry or physically acting out over an accusation like this.

Push for Custody

Some exes will want to push a soon to be former spouse out of their children’s life out of spite. Some will do this to push an ex to settle for less than they are entitled to. To prevent your spouse from using your children as leverage, you can opt to offer 50/50 custody right from the start. This will also benefit your children if agreed to because they’ll have equal time with both parents.

Stall the Divorce Process

It is inevitable that both sides may have to produce certain documents before a divorce can be finalized. Note that some exes will deliberately refuse to provide paperwork for manipulative reasons or do the opposite and request for things from your side. You have to be sure that your divorce attorney knows what to do in such a case and has no qualms to use the Family Court System to deal with tactics like those described here.

Cutting Your Access to Conjugal Assets

Your soon to be ex spouse is likely to limit your access to bank accounts, properties and such once you’ve expressed a desire to have a divorce. You can avoid this by having copies of everything before filing for divorce or just knowing what accounts and properties are listed under both your names.

Try to Dig Up Dirt to Be Used Against You

There had been stories of exes who used keyloggers on computers, installed hidden microphones and cameras, and ‘interrogated’ common friends in an attempt to get information to use against their ex partner. This is quite common and expected but this doesn’t mean that you should get your hands dirty and do the same.

Illegally obtained information can hurt more than it can help. If you’re thinking of countering up dirt with dirt, you should hire professional private investigators because they can sleuth out private information in legally-admissible ways.